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ARY Sahulat Bazar Online Shopping in Pakistan
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Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. All adult individuals having a valid CNIC, Phone number and minimum 18 years of age are entitled to participate in Comiti product.

2. The Comiti product is not available for any non-individual entity i.e. business, corporate, Trust etc.

3. Individuals who joined the Comiti are called Members and deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions associated with the product i.e. informed at joining of the Comiti as well as amended and added later during the currency of the product.

4. One member can have more than one Comiti at a time.

5. Comitis are type of Target Purchase product and is not treated as a saving account.

6. The standard term of the product is 20 months by default or as set by the customer at the time of purchasing Comiti and the customer has to complete his target saving within this term.

7. The customer is responsible to keep the Comiti relationship active by paying the contributions timely at a set frequency.

8. Once the term is expired, the relationship would be renewed for another term and ARY Sahulat charges the Renewal Fee.

9. The customer has the flexibility to skip monthly contributions and pay the deficit later at his convenience in full in a single contribution or partly in multiple contributions.

10. Non-payment for consecutive 6 months, the relationship is marked Dormant and non-payment for consecutive 12 months the relationship is marked In-Operative.

11. Such change of conditions are intimated to customer vide SMS.

12. ARY transmits such intimations through automated system’s function and does not take any responsibility for delay and/or non-delivery of SMS whatsoever.

13. When the Comiti is marked “dormant” all profits, promotional benefits, lucky draws and others are ceased and forfeited as all such benefits are subject to standard performance of the relationship.

14. Dormant Comitis before elapsing 12 non-performing months can be re-activated by paying the “Re-activation Charges” at the time of reactivation of Comit.

15. Once the Comiti is marked “In-Operative”, the Comiti wallet/relationship is terminated and the value either in terms of Rupees or Gold in Comiti are liquidated and transferred to Sahulat Wallet after debiting the “Comiti Maintenance Charges” for all non-active months.

16. Charges like “Re-activation Charges” and “Comiti Maintenance Charges” are not overlapping and are charged as per schedule of charge if specified seperately or equal to the “Non-Payment Charges” levied per month basis for all absent months.

17. When Sona Comiti is terminated due to In-operative condition, Gold in Comiti is reversed at either the current gold price or equal to the amounts paid by customer to purchase Gold whichever is lesser. Such proceeds are parked in customer’s Sahulat wallet after deducting any charges as per Schedule of Charge.

18. All change of condition i.e. Dormancy and In-operative are charged from the Comiti proceeds in terms of Rupees directly from the balance of Sahulat Wallet or from Sahulat Comiti balance or by liquidating the equivalent gold from Sona Comiti.

19. The value of terminated Comiti are parked in Sahulat Wallet in locked condition for safety and security of customer’s balance as he is not actively attending his relationship.

20. The customer can unlocked such proceeds through established SOPs and spend such proceeds against shopping at online store or any business alliance of the Sahulat.

21. Such proceeds are unlocked after debiting the “Wallet Maintenance Fee” as per established schedule of Charge.

22. There is no set frequency of the payments and Member can pay the amount at his/her own frequency. Any gaps, delays in payment do not attract penalties or consequences for the Member.

23. A minimum and maximum amounts for a single payment is set in each variant of the product to pay in target purchase account. A Member can pay any amount in between both limits as per his/her own convenience and plan.

24. Maximum limit of a single payment in Comitis are set in view of specific product variant’s and features under its terms and conditions. The higher limit is set to keep the cash handling risks within limit at ARY Sahulat outlets. However, the member can pay any amount in comiti at counters of any branch of the corresponding banks.

25. All products present a product tenure for an understanding the accumulation phase. However, as a member successfully accumulates an amount in his/her account equal to the selected product price, he/she becomes eligible to take over the product at his own disposal.

26. The products price is presented and planned at the time of starting a Comiti and accumulation period is planned as per customer’s financial profile. Customer is made well aware of the fact and at the time of delivery of the selected product, the price may be adjusted due to Inflation and other factors. By the same token, any reduction in price from planned price at the time of product delivery, ARY Sahulat can offer

27. Payment alerts are broadcasted to the Members as a transaction receipt and reference. ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any delay or non-delivery from telecom services.

28. An electronic account of each participating member is maintained at backend and Member can ask for a statement of account any time against a fee as per schedule of charge.

29. Comiti Members are eligible for promotional Lucky Draws during the currency of his/her Comiti. The frequency and the prizes of lucky draws shall be announced at sole discretion of ARY Sahulat and does not deem a binding whatsoever for its frequency, value whatsoever.

30. ARY Sahulat does not appreciate immature breaking of the Comiti before qualification of the targeted product. However, in any unforeseen unavoidable situations, the Member can opt and receive any other product upto the accumulated value in the Sahulat Account. Cash withdrawal from Sahulat account is not possible.

31. On immature break of Comiti, the member has to purchase the alternate product of his choice from the available options at a price set solely by ARY Sahulat for this transaction.

32. The target product can be received from any ARY Sahulat outlet or partner network after receiving the delivery letter from ARY Sahulat.

33. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to send promotional offers for cross product selling with its other businesses and business alliances. In this regard, the information can be shared at pure discretion of ARY Sahulat as per Member’s agreement with terms and conditions.

Specific Terms and Conditions

Sona Comiti

1. In Sona Comiti, member’s gold is accumulated in the account instead of value. Hence, with each payment, a gold weight equal to the amount paid in is purchased and accumulated in Comiti account.

2. The Gold purity is ensured at 999.9 pure 24 carat and purchased/secured at spot market rate on the day of payment realized to ARY Sahulat. The trading cycles and cut off time as per international gold trading market are applicable.

3. There is no maximum limit of accumulating the Gold. Member can accumulate the gold upto his/her own plan.

4. The Member becomes eligible to take over the Gold after reaching to the minimum disbursable denomination e.g. 1 Gram (the disbursable denomination can be changed if the market trading rules/practice for the minimum denomination are changed). The minimum disbursable denomination is informed to the Member at the time of joining the Comiti.

5. Gold is delivered from only ARY Jewelers in form of 24 Carat Gold Coins, Biscuits and/or Bars.

6. The member has to pay the Gold Coin/Bar making charges prevalent at the time of doing this transaction.

7. In case the member wishes to receive his/her gold in form of Jewelry, he/she needs to pay prevalent jewelry making charges. In this case Gold Coin/Bar making charges will not apply. Jewelry making charges are not part of agreement and arrangements between ARY Jewelers and ARY Sahulat. Such arrangements are as per negotiation between the member and ARY Jewelers only.

8. Member’s in cities where ARY Jewelers do not exist, can order home delivery through courier under liaison with ARY Sahulat Customer Services or visit nearest ARY Jewelers outlet.

Bike Comiti

1. The Bike Comiti members can opt a brand, make and model of the product at the time of joining the program. ARY Sahulat will put its best efforts to arrange the product as per specification set by the member at the time of product delivery as. The situation would erupt due to long accumulation period and the model, Colors, Design and style can vary from within the same make. However, if the selected product is not available, the member will be offered similar product available at the time of delivery.

2. There is no minimum period of funds accumulation, as the funds will reach to the spot purchase price of the selected product, the member becomes eligible to receive his/her Bike product.

3. Taxes, Registration, Insurance, Bike accessories, after sales service of the Bike are not responsibility of ARY Sahulat and is not part of Comiti agreement.

4. ARY Sahulat will extend the Warranty provided by the manufacturer for the products where the manufacturer’s offers such warranty. In addition, any free service, checkup and others will also be extended to the members accordingly as offered.

5. Due to market unforeseen conditions, the delivery can be delayed which is not in the control of ARY Sahulat, hence ARY Sahulat cannot be held responsible for the delays due to unforeseen situation.

6. ARY Sahulat is not manufacturer of the product, hence in case of any variation in the quality and/or manufacturing fault in the product, the member should report the fact to the authorized service center of the manufacturer. Such guidance is provided with the bike documents.

7. ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any loss of product or lives whatsoever associated directly or indirectly with the product whatsoever.

8. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to ask for additional amount from member compensating the fluctuation of the prices at the time of delivery comparing with the projected prices for whatever reasons including but not limited to the time taken by the member in accumulating the funds, delay in taking the delivery even after accumulation phase or product model, variant, color, variety is changed by the manufacturer or the price is increased due to inflation factor.

Umrah Comiti

1. ARY Sahulat offers different packages to the members at the time of joining Comiti as per details provided by the partner Umrah Operators.

2. Package includes Visa, Travel tickets, Housing, Ziarat and Transfers between Airport, Makkah and Madina. The package does not cover meals, refreshment or any additional travel or expenses whatsoever. Such details will be provided by the partner Umarah Operators.

3. The arrangements for umrah can be delayed due to unforeseen conditions in visa processing, travel arrangements and others.

4. The delivery of Umra service is directly subject to the laws implemented at the time of plan or amended at the time of arranging such Umra visit. ARY Sahulat is responsible to facilitate the customer to accumulate the funds and provide him the facility of Umara Operators with standard services. Ineligibility of the member due to legal framework does not come to ARY Sahulat or its partner’s responsibility.

5. In case of any ineligibility of a member, such service can be extended to an eligible individual nominated by the member and/or a replacement of product can be obtained equal to the accumulated value as offered by ARY Sahulat.

6. The Passport, vaccination and other documentary requirements are not the responsibility of ARY Sahulat.

7. Female and young members must arrange their Mehram / senior companions and their travel arrangements at her own. ARY is not responsible to extend any service to the such companions unless a separate Comiti is arranged for them.

8. ARY Sahulat monitor’s the service standards as per projected plans for a maximum satisfaction of members, however ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any variation in the services provided by the Umra Operators.

9. ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any additional facility or service other than described in the promotions, briefing and product documents by the Umrah Operators.

10. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to ask for a compensation of price differential due to fluctuation of the costs associated with Umrah travel, hotel or visa arrangements.


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We only send emails once a month and only about good things